The main objective of this Seminar/Workshop is to enlighten and teach people that there are legit ways to make millions through the Internet without committing fraud

Science4me has been into the internet business for over a decade and has really get the fundamental rudiments of how to make millions using so many tools and as well as using the skills set to generate huge sum in the business.

Internet provides a wide range of opportunities out of which few people has ideals of or how it works which why science4me initiate the ideal of bringing all the internet guru together to disseminate how they have made over million using their skill set.

What information You’ll get:

  • The secret of how to make money online without stress
  • How to use your skill set to generate income
  • How to sell you set skills
  • Where to sell your skills
  • Link to internet business professionals.
  • Get latest information on internet businesses.

Website Design

Learn Website design and also get how to use your skills to generate income.


Learn how you can get products outside Nigeria and sell at the comfort of your home/office with over 200% ROI profit

Graphic Design

Do Graphics to Million using your conventional graphics tools like Coreldraw and Photoshop e.t.c

Article Writing

Use your writing skills to generate income

Social Media

Make money with your social accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) from the comfort of your home

Learn from Five (5) Seasoned Internet Millionaires who has used there various skills to earn



Exclusive Information

This seminal/workshop will give you a complete insight on five(5) major skills that is important in this modern days to generate some huge sum of additional income.

Personal Consultations

For personal consultation and enlightenment,  contact  the seminar/workshop organizer using any of the contact details at the contact section

Global Trends

FREELANCING: The Seminar/Workshop will bring about setting new skills and/or enhanced you in the five (5) major area the seminar will cover and not only that but to set you and show you how opportunities are bound with this skills.

Famous Speakers

All the speaker selected for this seminar/workshop has huge success using the internet and as well have great number of students learning how to position themselves been the next internet millionaire through them with great number of success.


Come and sip from the depth of knowledge through our speakers.

This might be your opportunity to become the next Internet Millionaire as we have living witness already.

Gifts & Discounts

For early booking, Please use the contact below to get a coupon discount for this programme and verify your space. Limited spaces available. Coupon is on available to first 20 people to book space.



We have value for money and you are definately you are going to get value of what you paid for

For this price you’ll get:

  • Meet with speakers
  • Digital Materials
  • Linkup
  • Orientation from the speaker
  • Practical Session

Available for additional cost:

If you required personal take up by any of the speaker, Please contact the event organizer for more details and what it might cost.

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